Understanding Where to Go: Part 1

In Acts 16:6-10, Paul is an active man determined to share the Gospel everywhere. He is compelled to teach and share and disciple others in Asia, Mysia, and Bithynia. What he intends to do is a good thing and, by extension, journeying to those three gentile areas would also be a good accomplishment. However, Paul is prevented from traveling there and doing those good things. Instead the Holy Spirit shows Paul there is a need in Macedonia. Paul’s good intentions are redirected so that he focuses on the Holy Spirit’s direction.

Sometimes we do good things that are separate from the Holy Spirit’s’ direction. Many times, Christians justify their directions as good ideas or intentions. Had Paul insisted on going against the Holy Spirit, he would have been doing good actions in his own strength. This means Paul’s work would eventually come to absolutely nothing. Every positive outcome he imagined and accomplished would have amounted to less than nothing. Understand, the Holy Spirit calls us to talk to certain people and leave others alone, calls us to work in specific areas of the church and to leave other areas alone. The Holy Spirit does call us to specific purposes while partaking in other purposes can lead to confusion, disorder and waisted time.

Grace and Peace,


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