In this world we will encounter many who need help. Jesus once spoke of a man, a Good Samaritan. The religious elite of the day had passed by a man who had been deeply hurt and did not stop to help. One man considered an outcast stopped and did the right thing. The Good Samaritan gave from every resource he had to help the man on the side of the road. James says that pure and undefiled religion is to go to the widow and the orphan in distress, and to walk unstained from this world. Body of Christ, how important it is that we would be an extension of Gods healing to our generation. With every generation that passes evil will increase, yet it is the Churches responsibility to wage war against this evil. We will not fight evil with evil, but we will do good, and allow the Lord to be our Vindicator. We as the Church must seek to heal the brokenhearted. We must give everything that God has given us to see someone restored. We must be like Christ. Christ did not count equality with God something to be grasped and died on the Cross for this earth’s redemption. Christ lives in us. We are the Holy Spirits temple. We are ambassadors of Christ. Will we bring the healing of God to our workplaces? Will we bring the healing of God to our churches? Will we bring the healing of God to our homes? I wish I was writing to you from a place of perfection, I am afraid that I won’t be there until Christ returns or I go to heaven. Christ is not asking for our perfection in this venture, He is asking for our hearts. That is all He needs. That is all this world needs to know that there is healing in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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